Worship at Epworth UMC

Thank you for visiting! Below is a little history of past sermon series topics, and the one we are currently working through. Sermons are all archived on Pastor Dawn's Facebook page, and on Epworth's as well. 

Worship at Epworth is very down to earth, but a sacred thing. We laugh a lot, and pray a lot, and are deeply aware of the presence of God. You will find about 100 people, give or take, including folks in their 90s, brand new babies and their parents,  and everyone in between. You will find people in dresses and ties (not too many of those, really), and people in jeans and t-shirts. We do our best to make sure we explain everything that happens in worship so that you won't feel completely lost in a new place.

Children of all ages are welcome in worship, even if they are wiggly and talkative. We love it. We have a bunch of quiet toys and activities for their busy hands and minds during worship, and excellent nursery care if you or they prefer...we have been there, we know how it is with little ones who are just not having it sometimes.

Worship begins at 9am and lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. Hope to see you there. :-)

Current Sermon Series


This is Us

Everywhere we look, people are divided. We do it to ourselves, really, having forgotten that there might be any other way. But we long for community. We long to know and be known, to be understood and to understand, to love and be loved. Join us this month to explore what the Bible and our faith in Jesus Christ can tell us about building the beloved community.

Join us in worship on Sundays at 9am, or listen to the sermon at 9:30am on KVLV 980AM or live on Pastor Dawn's Facebook page. They are archived there, too!

2020 Sermon series

January 2020: Epiphany


The month of January gives us the gift of a series of independent sermons by Epworth's gifted preachers and worship leaders. Each Sunday has a different theme. Join us to praise God and expect surprises of love and holy grace.

2019 Sermon Series, August - December

August - October: Hear the Words of the Prophets


 How do we know what is true? Did God speak thousands of years ago, and then stop? Is God still speaking? Join us as we hear the message of God's prophets in the Bible, and see what they have to say to us today.  

November: How Big is Your But?


We want deeper relationships with God and with each other, and the rich, full life that comes with it, but we feel like we just don't have the time, energy, or resources to devote to it. Join us to confront and overcome our "buts', and find the abundant life Jesus promises.

Advent 2019: The Uncluttered Heart


It's a time when we prepare our lives—hearts, minds, and spirits—for the coming of the Christ child. We sweep out the corners of our hearts, cleaning up the clutter, to make space for God's hope, peace, joy, love, and presence. Inspired by the book by Beth A. Richardson.

2019 Sermon Series, January - July

July 2019: The Sermon on the Mound


Methodists seek out answers about God, ourselves, and the major questions our day using Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. Also, baseball!

June 2019: Faith at the Movies


Epworth teams up again this year with the historic Fallon Theatre to show free movies! And then, on the following Sundays, we talk together about each movie as a modern day parable. This year's movies are Star Wars: the Last Jedi, O Brother Where Art Thou, Disney's Tarzan, and Field of Dreams.

Easter 2019: Second Chances


The Bible and our lives today are full of broken people, restored, repurposed, and redeemed. What can God do in your life?

Lent 2019: The Upside Down Kingdom


Outcasts welcomed. Broken made whole, Righteous humbled. Powerful challenged.  Lost ones found. Jesus' life and ministry builds a Kingdom completely different from what people then and now expected.

February 2019: #relationshipgoals


A Biblical guide to loving one another.

January 2019: The People of the Book


Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all come from the same root. This series explores how we are similar, how we are different, and what we can learn from each other.

2018 Sermon Series, August - December

Advent and Christmas 2018: Calm and Bright


This year is the 200th anniversary of the writing and singing of Silent Night. Inspired by Marcia McFee, we remember the Christmas story through this beautiful hymn.

November 2018: Lessons from Four-Legged Saints


Absurdly happy. Absolutely fearless. Constantly in trouble. We can learn a lot about God, ourselves, and the life to which we are called through our four-legged furry friends.

September & October 2018: On Holy Ground


Explore the incredible life and ministry of Moses, who is -- next to Jesus himself -- the most important prophet in the Bible.

August 2018: Hook, Line, and Sinker


Follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of people. Some real local fishermen and fisherwomen talk with us about what on earth that means! And we rejoice together in the faith that will not let us go.

2018 Sermon Series, January - July

July 2018: Faith at the Movies


Modern parables are all around us! Watch the movie, and then in worship we talk together about where God shows up. 

July 15: We Are Marshall

July 22: Wonder

July 29: The Sandlot

August 5: Coco

June 2018: The Call


Second only to Jesus himself, Paul is probably the one person who played the most significant role in establishing the Christian faith. Using the book of Acts and Paul's own letters, we travel with him and learn about his life, his conversion, his faith, and what we can learn from him today.

Spring 2018: Deeper


 The Resurrection is only the beginning. As he did when he appeared to his disciples to comfort, inspire, heal, and love them, so Jesus does for us. Join us to go beyond the motions, beyond appearances to deeper faith, greater hope, fuller life.

Lent 2018: Divine Foolishness


Follow Jesus' ministry told in the Gospel of Mark, and reawaken to the extravagant, overflowing, unreasonable 

love of God.

"For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength." 1 Corinthians 1:25

Winter 2018: The Beginning of Everything


From the very first sentence, Mark's Gospel is a story of beginnings. Explore with us the ways Jesus breaks into our story, and makes everything new.

Epiphany 2018


The arrival of the Magi, and a special guest sermon about the God's great love in Jesus Christ.

2017 Sermon Series

Advent and Christmas


As we wait with hushed anticipation for the birth of the Messiah, we tell that old, old story once again and give thanks for hope, joy, love, and peace.

Methodist Pie


A little bit of history, a little bit of theology, a little bit of music, and a whole lot of celebrating food, fun, and friendship as some of the best parts of a family of faith.

All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


With Rev Robert Fulghum's book as our inspiration, the simple biblical truths that form the foundation for a whole, healthy life.

Come Thou Font of Every Blessing


Life is so much better when we have a community of mutual love and support around us. This sermon series explores the best ways to develop those blessings in the present, and into the future.

Fruits of the Spirit


Prepare the ground. Plant the seeds, Nourish and water them. Watch them grow, and produce fruit, to make more seeds, to plant more trees! This series explores what happens in us and in the world when we follow God and cultivate our faith.